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New recording, "Lentils", just released. Six newish songs  
recorded in Suffolk July 2019. Lentils, Shrunken Sisters,  
The Poet and the Engineer, Gig Anxiety Dream, Star Stalker, 
Record Contract. CDs & Digital Downloads available from  

"Shrunken Sisters" a song lyric published in @ The Sunday Tribune

Kath Tait is a singer songwriter from New Zealand, living  
in London. She writes about her life as a carer, a hippy,  
an itinerant bard and a wholefood freak. Described as  
‘wonky and eccentric’, she is an empathetic and intelligent  
lyricist. Her new songbook, 'An Odd Number of Songs',  
comprising lyrics, chords and cartoons is available from  

An interview by Simon Haines Diva of the Dysfunctional